Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I earn money using File.Army?

A. Earning money on File.Army is easy.

  • Upload images and share them.
  • When someone views your image you earn money.
  • When someone likes your image you earn money.
  • When someone follows you, you earn money.
  • By moderating content.
  • Occasionally you can earn bonus money for a variety of things like logging in, opening newsletters and more. We are introducing pay-to-moderate soon.

Q. How often do I get paid?

A. Every day.

Q. What is the minimum payment size?

A. There is no minimum payment size.

Q. How much can I earn?

A. All earnings are paid using the bitcoin global currency (one bitcoin is currently worth $36820). The quality of each user's traffic is graded over time. Users producing high quality traffic can earn higher rates.

We don't want to lose money from fake traffic so we are cautious with new users. New users start off as Corporals. Users can get promoted or demoted depending on the quality of their traffic.

Rates & Ranks

  • Emperor $1 per 750 views $1 per 50 likes $1 per 5 followers $5,000 per day
  • General $1 per 1,000 views $1 per 60 likes $1 per 10 followers $500 per day
  • Colonel $1 per 1,500 views $1 per 70 likes $1 per 15 followers $200 per day
  • Captain $1 per 2,000 views $1 per 80 likes $1 per 20 followers $100 per day
  • Chief $1 per 2,500 views $1 per 90 likes $1 per 30 followers $8 per day
  • Sergeant $1 per 3,000 views $1 per 100 likes $1 per 40 followers $4 per day
  • Corporal $1 per 4,000 views $1 per 100 likes $1 per 50 followers $2 per day
  • Mercenary $1 per 10,000 views $1 per 1,000 likes $1 per 500 followers $1 per day
  • Plebian $1 per 100,000 views $1 per 10,000 likes $1 per 1,000 followers $1 per day

Rates can change at any time based on market conditions and the quality of your traffic. Users producing high quality traffic can earn higher rates. If our system detects poor quality traffic you will be demoted in rank and rates. Take this as a warning, permanent suspensions are possible.

Q. Can I get paid to moderate content?

A. Yes. If you see content that you believe violates our terms of use, click the Report button on the image. Reported content is not automatically removed from the site. It is submitted for review by site administrators. Here are the steps that must be met for you to be paid:

  • If you are the first user to report the image
  • And if the site administrator agrees with you that the content violates our terms of use
  • And if the user that posted the content has a balance greater to, or equal than the fee
  • Then you will be paid a portion of the fee that was collected for the violation.

If you report content excessively to try to earn money, your future attempts to report content will be ignored. Since you only get paid for reporting content after a site administrator reviews and agrees with your moderation, it may take a few days for you to receive payment for moderation.

Q. Why don't I get paid to moderate content if the user's balance is too small?

The rules is in place to prevent users from uploading violating content, then reporting their own content, and getting paid from a negative balance. We may require that users with a history of incurring fees maintain a minimum balance to cover fees.

Q. How do I get promoted?

A. Posting good pictures that people like pays off. Get consistent volumes of views, likes and follows. It can take time, but it's possible to build a good sized passive income that can pay you for years.

Q. How long will I earn money?

A. As long as your images keep getting views, you keep earning money. By adding and sharing a few images each day you can start to grow a long term income stream.

Q. How do I earn more money?

The best way to earn more money is to share your images on popular social networks like Reddit, Facebook and Twitter. A popular post can generate 10,000+ views on your image. The more quality images you share the more money you can earn.

Q. Can I buy traffic to send to my image?

A. Purchased traffic is generally very low quality. We want high quality traffic. While we can't stop you from sending in low quality traffic, we also won't pay much for it. We may adjust your rates to discourage low quality traffic.

Q. Where do I see my earnings?

A. Log into your File.Army account. Click your user name on the top of the screen then click 'Money'.

To receive payments you need to create a free account at Your daily payments will be deposited to your account.

Q. What is bitcoin?

A. Bitcoin is a popular global currency. You do not need to have a bank account to receive bitcoin.

Each bitcoin can be divided into 100 million smaller units called Satoshis. This makes bitcoin the perfect currency for sending daily payments even if the amount is very small.

Q. What is

A. In order to store, send and receive bitcoin you need a bitcoin wallet. is the official bitcoin wallet used by File.Army.

When you create a free account at you will receive daily payments from File.Army with no mimimum amount required. Click here to create your free account.

Q. Are bitcoin payments to the only way I can get paid?


Q. Why didn't I get paid?

Normally it's because you either don't have a account or you entered your user name incorrectly on the Settings -> Money page.

Don't enter your email address.

Don't enter 16mTM32fQwhzWNsggCeL85qytNpXhRUnGx.

Don't enter

Just enter john.

Q. How do I convert my bitcoin earnings to dollars or another currency?

A. You can exchange your bitcoin to any currency using Click here to create your free account.

Q. How are image views / likes / follows counted on the Money page?

A. We use a proprietary system to count real behavior from real people. In other words, if you reload your own image over and over you won't earn more money.

If you get your friend and your mom to load and like your image, you won't earn much more.

If you organize a group of people together to brigade like and follow you are wasting your talents for pennies.

The system also limits how much financial impact a user can have in a given time period. If a user rapidly likes and follows many things they will hit a limit. They can still like and follow whatever they want, but their activity won't generate earnings for users until the time period has passed.

Stats can be delayed by a few minutes.

Q. Why do I have a daily cap on my earnings?

A. Controlling click fraud is our most complicated challenge. We start new users with daily caps while you build your reputation with us. The system will automatically adjust your rates and cap over time.

Q. Why did I get paid more/less bitcoin per view today than yesterday?

A. Your earnings are denominated in US Dollars. When the exchange rate between the US Dollar and bitcoin changes, the rates change accordingly. Rates are updated every minute.

Q. What types of images are allowed?


Q. Is NSFW or adult content allowed?

A. Our advertisers don't want their brands associated with offensive or harmful content. Refer to our Acceptable Use Policy.

Q. What is considered NSFW?

A. We use our advertiser's guidelines. If we believe Google Adsense would flag it as unsafe, we consider it unsafe. Consider whether the image would be allowed on network television. This can include, but is not limited to: pornography, nudity that is strategically covered, excessive cleavage, implied nudity, body painting, provocative poses, nipples, a bikini covered ass filling the screen, violence, gore, shock images, racism, defamation, bullying, personally identifiable information etc etc.

Q. But it wasn't even NSFW and you charged me a fee!

We get it. It's art. Here's the problem: We respect your opinion about what is, and what is not NSFW. We just respect Google's opinion more. It costs us money to moderate, which means it costs you money to give us work. All decisions are final. All you have to do is mark your images as Not Safe and you won't have a problem. We've got kids that come on the site looking for funny cat pictures. Don't stick a big bikini ass in their face.

Q. What if I don't mark an NSFW image as unsafe?

A. It could be marked as unsafe by moderators. There could be a fee against your account if this happens. In addition you could be banned from the site.

If moderators mark your image as unsafe DO NOT change it back to safe. This could cause additional fees against your account and increase the likelihood of being banned from the site.

Q. What is a DMCA Takedown Request?

A. If you post content that you do not own, the owner can complain. They formally submit their legal complaint using a DMCA Takedown Request. DMCA Takedown Requests cost us money to process and create legal risks for our company.

For each DMCA Takedown Request received for content you uploaded, your account will be charged $10.

If your account generates high volumes of DMCA Takedown Notices it will be permanently suspended.

Q. How do I get support?

A. We currently do not offer free support. You may be able to get the help you are looking for on The Official File Army Reddit Page.