About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to enable anyone on Earth to earn a living by working for themselves doing what they love.

As automation and artificial intelligence make jobs around the globe obsolete, it becomes important for everyone to have entrepreneurial opportunities.

File.Army is the first of a series of planned sites to give anyone, regardless of age, language or education, the ability to earn money working for themselves. As File.Army and it's user ranks grow and succeed, the subsequent sites will be released to provide bigger earning opportunities.

How It Works

The old model: Social networks and content sites earn profits from their users and give nothing back. Users receive nothing but an ad-heavy experiences and, in fact, they pay dearly with their personal privacy.

The new model: We use our leverage, scale and experience in the online marketing industry to monetize page views with ads on File.Army in the traditional ways. Then we contribute. We pay our users to post great content and share it with people to enjoy. Our users are paid daily for whatever amount they earned that day, even if it is micro pennies.


File.Army was founded by internet entrepreneur Price Givens to further his goal of empowering people to be self-reliant and successful while doing what they love.

Mr. Givens has served as an officer/director of two NASDAQ companies and is also the founder of BitcoinWallet.com, 404Publishing.com, FiatLeak.com (owner), Movie.Info, CreditCard.Info, Vacation.Info, Loans.Info and other online businesses.